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2019 - 11 01 2019

Noti Tips - Exoneration of the payment of the Import Tax

It was published in Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6,423, dated December 28, 2018, Decree No. 3,733, by which it is extended until December 31, 2019, the exemption of the payment of import tax and fee by determination of the customs regime for final imports of processed products from the textile, footwear, food, lubricants and their derivatives, products for personal hygiene, hygiene and household cleaning and medicines.

2019 - 11 01 2019

Noti Tips - Labor Inamobility

In Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6,419, dated December 28, 2018, Decree No. 3,708 was published, which establishes the labor inamobility of workers of the private and public sector governed by the Organic Labor Law, Workers, for a period of two (02) years.

2019 - 09 01 2019

Noti Tips - Payment of Tax Obligations in Foreign Currency

An Extraordinary Official Gazette N° 6.420 of December 28, 2018, published Decree N° 3.718 in which taxpayers who conduct operations in the National Territory in foreign currency or cryptocurrency, authorized by law, must pay their obligations in the respective foreign currencies or crypto currencies.

2019 - 09 01 2019

Noti Tips - Assignment of Competencies to the National Office

In Official Gazette Extraordinary N° 6.420 dated December 28, 2018, Decree N° 3.719 was published, which authorizes the National Treasury Office to capture, custody, manage and make payments that correspond to the contributions and withholdings from the Parafiscal Tax Administrations.

2018 - 18 12 2018

Noti Tips - Calendar of Special Passive Subjects 2019

Through Official Gazette N ° 41. 546 of December 14, 2018, Administrative Ruling No. SNAT / 2018/0189 dated December 4, 2018 is published, in which the Calendar of Special Passive Subjects and Agents is announced. Retention for those obligations that must be fulfilled by 2019. (Available only in spanish)

2018 - 06 12 2018

News Letter 102

Available now our Newsletter No. 102 with important information of interest. You can download it in Publications. Newsletter PKF is an online publication published quarterly and summarizes the main fiscal, financial, labor and legal changes, among other events that have occurred in our country.

2018 - 09 11 2018

Extension for registration in the INCES

Extension for registration in the new portal of the National Institute of Training and Socialist Education (INCES).

2018 - 17 09 2018

PKF Venezuela new Name and new Partner

We are pleased to share with you that we have decided to call ourselves PKF Carpentieri Colmenares & Asociados. This change is accompanied by a new Partner, Tomás Carpentieri Fernández, who from is beginnings as a professional has accompanied the Firm unconditionally.

2018 - 06 09 2018

Noti Tips - Increase in the Minimum Wage and the Benefit of the Cestaticket

Increase in the Minimum Wage and Benefit of Cebalization with immediate application from September 1, 2018 published in the Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6,403 dated August 31, 2018. (Available only in spanish)

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