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31 07 2019

Noti Tips 010-2019 Law on Great Patrimony Tax

In Gazette No. 41,667 dated 03/07/2019, it was published The Constitutional Law establishing the Tax on Great Patrimony approved by the National Constituent Assembly.

30 07 2019

Noti Tips 009-2019

Updated the value of the UCAU for Public Procurement in Bs. 1,150.00. Compliance with the Exchange Intermediation Index of the operations of buying and selling foreign currencies through the dealing desk.

29 07 2019

Noti Tips 008-2019 BCV publishes data on inflation

Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) publishes data on inflation. The Central Bank of Venezuela reported on Tuesday May 28 that the accumulated inflation in the country for the year 2018 is 130.060%.

26 07 2019

Noti Tips 007-2019

Extension for the Declaration and Payment of the Contribution to the National Fund for the Development of Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education (UCAU).

02 04 2019

Announcement - New Managing Partner

Dear colleagues and friends: We would like to inform you that the Partners Committee of PKF Carpentieri Colmenares & Asociados has agreed to appoint Tomás Carpentieri F. as the new Managing Partner of the firm, as of April 1, 2019. We wish Tomás success in this new stage of his professional career.

26 02 2019

Noti Tips 06-2019

The value of the Unit for the Arithmetic calculation of the maximum and minimum threshold (UCAU) is set at Bs. 350. Account holders in foreign currency may make transfers between them Extends exonerations (Publication only in Spanish)

11 01 2019

Noti Tips - Joint Resolution MPPSC

The Ad Hoc Commission published in Official Gazette No. 41,541 dated December 7, 2018 is created, which is made up of two (2) members of the Autonomous Service of Sanitary Comptroller (SACS) and two (2) members of the Autonomous Service National Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (SENCAMER) and will be in charge of the suppression of secondary packaging and medicine leaflets.

11 01 2019

Noti Tips - Exoneration of the payment of the Import Tax

It was published in Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6,423, dated December 28, 2018, Decree No. 3,733, by which it is extended until December 31, 2019, the exemption of the payment of import tax and fee by determination of the customs regime for final imports of processed products from the textile, footwear, food, lubricants and their derivatives, products for personal hygiene, hygiene and household cleaning and medicines.

11 01 2019

Noti Tips - Labor Inamobility

In Official Gazette Extraordinary No. 6,419, dated December 28, 2018, Decree No. 3,708 was published, which establishes the labor inamobility of workers of the private and public sector governed by the Organic Labor Law, Workers, for a period of two (02) years.

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