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16 12 2019

Noti Tips 014-2019 The Cooperative Associations are exempted from the ISLR (Income Tax) Payment

In Official Gazette No. 41,745 dated 10/24/2019, Decree No. 4,015 was published on 10/23/2019 issued by the Presidency of the Republic, which exempts the taxable income, the taxable net enrichments of territorial source, obtained by Cooperative Associations, constituted in accordance with the provisions established in the Decree with Force of Special Law of Cooperative Associations (Available only in Spanish).

13 12 2019

Noti Tips 013-2019 New Minimum Wage Monthly BS. 150,000.00 from 10/01/2019

In Official Gazette No. 6,484 Extraordinary dated 11/10/2019, Decree No. 3,997 was published, which established an increase in the mandatory monthly minimum wage throughout the national territory, for workers employed in the public and private sectors, starting from October 1, 2019, in the amount of one hundred fifty thousand exact bolivars (Bs. 150,000.00) (Article 1) (Available only in Spanish).

13 12 2019

Noti Tips 012-2019 Mandatory dissemination of the unique number of emergencies "911"

In Gazette No. 41,711 dated 06/09/2019, Resolution No. 146 dated 06/09/2019, of the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, was published, where it is ordered to disseminate the unique number of the Integrated system of articulation for emergency care: "911", or Unique Number of Emergencies: "911", through its display or placement in any public and private establishment, means of transport, educational, recreational, sports institutes and in any other place where there is movement of people (article 1) (Available only in Spanish).

11 12 2019

Noti Tips 011-2019 Deadline for the Payment of the Tax to the Great Patrimony

The administrative providence of Seniat No. SNAT / 2019/00213 published in the Official Gazette No. 41,697 dated 08/19/19 regarding the rules for updating the value of goods and rights, as well as the requirements and formalities for the declaration and payment of the tax on large assets, it states that the declaration and payment must be made in the period between October 1 and November 30 of each year (Available only in Spanish).

06 09 2019

FCCPV Tax Communication on the Wealth Tax

In Official Gazette No. 41.075 dated 16 January 2017 Administrative Providence was published SNAT / 2017/0002 issued by the SENIAT, whereby the obligation of qualified legal persons as special to present, for once, the Informative Statement on Wealth Tax, according to the technical conditions and specifications established in the Fiscal Portal of the Service National Integrated Customs Administration and Tax (www.seniat.gob.ve).

31 07 2019

Noti Tips 010-2019 Law on Great Patrimony Tax

In Gazette No. 41,667 dated 03/07/2019, it was published The Constitutional Law establishing the Tax on Great Patrimony approved by the National Constituent Assembly.

30 07 2019

Noti Tips 009-2019

Updated the value of the UCAU for Public Procurement in Bs. 1,150.00. Compliance with the Exchange Intermediation Index of the operations of buying and selling foreign currencies through the dealing desk.

29 07 2019

Noti Tips 008-2019 BCV publishes data on inflation

Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) publishes data on inflation. The Central Bank of Venezuela reported on Tuesday May 28 that the accumulated inflation in the country for the year 2018 is 130.060%.

26 07 2019

Noti Tips 007-2019

Extension for the Declaration and Payment of the Contribution to the National Fund for the Development of Sport, Physical Activity and Physical Education (UCAU).

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